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Thursday, 30 May 2013

How to Start a Group Writers

A good writers group is a great tool for improving your writing. If you can’t find one in your area try starting your own. First, make up your mind what you hope to gain from being in a writers group. Most groups critique each other’s work. But if it’s networking or socializing with other writers you want just be sure you make that clear when you announce the group.

Once you make up your mind what kind of group it will be you need a location. Check with your local library, bookshop, or coffee shop. The first group I organized met in an old tiny ice cream parlor that had a private room. What could be better that writing and ice cream? I’ve had groups meet in coffee shops, restaurants, and arts council building and even in my home once we knew each other.

Now you have a place to meet and a purpose in mind. The next thing is picking a time and day and getting the word spread. You can put up fliers in libraries, bookshops and of course the place you are going to meet. Put it in the local newspaper and announce it through local social media.

Once you have your initial meeting you can get an idea what the members hope to gain by being in a writers group. You will need to decide how often to meet, how to organize the meetings and how long everyone will have to read. If the group is large you may need to rotate who reads at each meeting. It is also a good idea to email chapters to each other for detailed critiques after the meetings. You might also use the first meeting to discuss how to critique.

In my experience I’ve made some lasting friendships in writers groups. Of course there will be the ones who come once and never come back after they get their first critique. But, that’s okay. The cream rises to the top most of the time.

By: AA

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Choose your CPU











TECHNOLOGIES: Advantage or Disadvantage

 As we notice, technologies progress faster and faster that our world is affected. We experience comport with all the thing we do with the use of these technologies. In a very simple way, we don't need to tired of by doing our task because of this technologies that we have, especially with the difficult task that we need to do in a very limited time. For example, we need to rush some papers and we do not have enough time to go to libraries or any resource materials done manually.  As a solution, we use internet to have a quick search and instead of copying it trough of our bare hands, we just print it for faster and better output.  Also in cleaning our clothes, we have the washing machine and with the aid of dryer, we can have dried clothes immediately even it's a raining season. And today, communication and traveling are not anymore problem because of the gadgets and the networking we use and vehicles use in transportation we have now. We gather much advantage of this product of science but we also gain disadvantage of these. Such as exercising laziness and depending to these gadgets and losing trust to our own intelligence and capabilities.  Also, some of these technologies serve as destruction.  Like the students who prefers to ply electronics than the attend their classes.  There are also some who cannot produce their projects without the aid of computer and those who are lazy to come to school without a vehicle.  These vehicles also contribute to greater rate of pollution because of smoke it produces; the same with the factories which provide our daily needs.  There are too many advantages and disadvantage brought by these technologies to name all a what I want to clear are these question: are these technologies were to be blame why students don't come to school? Why we experience pollution? Many will says”yes”.  And it is so that some teachers of elementary and high school level prohibited students to bring gadgets at the school.
But for me it is us to be blame. It is one of the causes right but my points is we don't need to experience these if we have disciplines to ourselves. It is the management of us in using and not abusing these products of science.

 Disadvantage were brought and we suffer because of incorrect usage of it. For example,  the drugs that was abuse. Drugs were very useful but it may cause side effects or even drags us to death by improper usage of it.

Like the situation above by which the students studies was affected because of very attachment to electronics games. They are to be blame right? It is their decision to ply electronics games that to attend their class and it is so that they suffer at the end. They abuse playing electronics games that suit to do during vacant time or during leisure time because studying is a priority.
It is in our hands to make it, to avoid these negative results. We have the control to stop destroying our future, our environment, our life. Let us bear to our mind that all things have limitation. We are the one who manipulate it depends to us on how we run it, to produce a good result.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Hotel And Restaurant Management

Working in a management capacity in a hotel or restaurant requires the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. You must exhibit exceptional customer service skills and the ability to motivate a staff. A big component of the position is leveraging social skills to engage customers and generate new business. Of course, you also must be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of how to increase sales and drive profits. In this position you will no doubt come into contact with a diverse and dynamic group of people from all walks of life. There is plenty of room for advancement. Be aware though that this is not a traditional 9-5 job, and will require weekend work and extended hours.

Academic training is very important; but experience is the best teacher in this field. In order to be well rounded and really develop an understanding of the expectations necessary for success, consider working in the industry early on to really give you a flavor of what it takes to prepare you for a management role within a restaurant or hotel. This practical business knowledge combined with classroom experiences will help round out your skills and reduce the learning curve once a full-time position is obtained. There is nothing like firsthand experiences to help you fully understand expectations.

To build the experience, consider getting a position as server or bartender, which will give you a strong understanding of front of house operations and customer service. It will also be important to learn what goes on behind the scenes. For that, you might consider spending some time in the kitchen. You will definitely come to understand the meaning of timeliness, and when the time comes to manage a restaurant, you will have greatly improved knowledge of what needs to happen in the kitchen to ensure a smooth running operation. Working in a hotel? Try a front desk position to gain the full customer service experience. There is a lot of troubleshooting that takes place in the role, and you will certainly develop improved problem resolution skills.